About Us

Brandify Pty Ltd™ was formed in September, 2012. The Brandify head office is situated on the Sunshine Coast Australia.

As an Australian firm we are dedicated to supporting Australia (and Australian businesses) with the latest digital media, branding, advertising and strategies. We work tirelessly to ensure your business gets the attention that it deserves.

Brandify have three important rules. We live by these words:

1) Imagine,

2) Create,

3) Defy.

Brandify Pty Ltd has very strong corporate values including:

  • Honesty & integrity,
  • Be accountable to our stakeholders,
  • Be sustainable wherever possible,
  • We believe all of our work should be unique, modern and fresh (wherever possible),
  • Dedicated to help our customers perform to their full potential,
  • We are a results orientated company and as such must act upon results (wherever possible).

The team at Brandify are devoted to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. Our success depends on your success, therefore, we will help you wherever we can, with whatever we can.

[team_member name=”Tristan Ford” title=”Director”]

With many years’ experience in the field of software and web development, Tristan has a strong background in knowing how things work and finding ways to fix problems. Tristan enjoys designing and implementing new software, as well as doing advanced SEO work.

Tristan’s passion is helping people succeed online and offline, whether it is optimising their website, developing some new software to help manage their business or simply implementing some best practice digital business techniques.

Tristan loves helping people find success, which is why he founded and runs a business that allows him to use his skills to achieve this.[/team_member]

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